Saturday, August 28, 2004

ripple granny

ripple granny
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I had started a blanket for dad for x-mas during ball season...
and well it didn't get to far.. it was a ripple.. and made with sc.... so I frogged it.. and started a granny square afghan.... and while talking to a friend she mentioned that a friend of hers had a pattern for a granny ripple.... THANKS SO MUCH!!! I just love this pattern... I've been only wokring on it for a bit now and I have quite a bit done!! I might actually finish this afghan... ( generally I don't finish projects that take too long)
So I must teach my hubby to crochet... the plant that he works at is going on strike on monday... Not to happy about that :~( so I figure when he's not on the picket line he might as well be doing something constructive, like crocheting.... lol... like that will ever happen... but I can dream....
SO I might now be online much... or not at all... we'll see how long things go... I might have to get rid of my net?!?! But will let you know...
Later Gator

Thursday, August 26, 2004

close up

thread purse closure
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you can really see the colors... in there natural colors in this pic... thats VERY unusual for my camera... must add new camera to santas list!!
and the tension for my sewing machine is off too... and I was a little disapointed about seeing the white thread at the top :~( but when your far away it's not noticable.... and of course I'm critical about my work... just nature I guess.. lol...
but there it is...

thread purse done

thread purse done
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here's the purse I was working on... it turned out to be a bit smaller than I'd like... but now I'mm know for next time.... I'll just add more chains to the bottom.... I made a liner for it too.... and yep I did the button closure.... I didn't have any zippers and wasn't driving for 1 1/2 hrs to go and get one... but found a nice wooden button in my bucket... I'll post a close up pic in the next post since I can't add 2 to one post thru flickr... and if you know how... please let me know... thanks;~)

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

DJs socks

DJs socks
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ok I finished Naiomi's socks... but she could find that at the time of this pic... kids... I tell ya... they can't look after anything?@?!??lol...I worked on Dj's last night and this morning before I went to work, finished them last night after supper.... I'm going to the city one of these days and GOING to pick up some sock yarn... that would be so cool!!
other than that I've just been trying to get the kids ready for school next monday.... 6 MORE SLEEPS!!! I can hardly wait!! it's been quite the summer thats for
I must go eBaying... I think I need a new pattern...
see ya.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Naiomi has 1/2 a pair...

I started a pair of socks for Naiomi yesterday after I finished mine...
and I just finished one!!
yep I love these socks....
I need to get some sock yarn next time I'm at the city for sure...
I added a shell stitch to the top...
it's pretty...
she wants to wear just the one sock...
lol... crazy kid...
I'll keep you in suspence untill I get the other one done...
so until then... no pic...
nighty nite

Thursday, August 19, 2004

so feet need socks??

feet need socks CAL
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why yes they do!!
I joined the feet need socks CAL today and made these this afternoon and evening... usually it takes me longer to do some hookin but today was my day off and I can just sit and crochet if I want to... lol...
and the best part about the socks... they're both THE SAME SIZE!!! for my first pair thats very impressive.... altho I did have to rip out 1/2 of the second pair... it was only 4 stitches to small.. 4 stitches!! well omg... was I ever mad... but got over it.. I took a break and kept hookin after some supper...
this is a awsome pattern called toes-up crocheted socks

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

messing with HTML

ok after looking around on other blogs...
and they have so many cool things on their sidebar..
I just had to have it too!!
after figuring things out and just about deleting the blog..
I have some new stuff on the side!!
cool huh??

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

brown thread purse

brown thread purse
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I got this idea about 4 days ago... it's a purse in #10 thread... I really thought it would take longer to crochet... but so far, just working on it at nights after work... it's almost done :~) I want to get some silk or satin for the inside, a zipper for the top too... or maybe just a wooden bead for a closure we'll see when it gets to that point... it's a bit see thru right now... (hence the satin), and who wants to advertise whats in there?!?!
other than that I just have to finish all the other things that I've started... a dog pottie peeker, a thread frog, the same from but in yarn...and oh yeah... some more foot thongs... lol.. better get crackin!!


DJs foot thongs

DJs foot thongs
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arn't these just the funkiest things... I never heard of them before until today... they work up SO fast... about 10 mins for one... it took DJ longer to string the beads on than it took me to crochet them.... now my brain is storming for some original patterns for some of these!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ballerina, popstar and Mermaid

set of 3 dolls
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I just finished the other day... they turned out SO cute!! the Lady who designed them is so creative.. here's her site:
she has awsome patterns for sale too...

cruzin for chicks 3half weeks

our hamsters... Smokey and Fluffy!!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Last day off...

I've been off work since Thrusday and was it ever nice to have some time just to sit and do whatever I wanted!! I mostly crocheted... today I made a flower child which was thread, and a dog and blanket, also a mermaid, I really like how it all turned out.. I'm going to make some more mermaids for sure.. they whip up fairly quick... the dog is adorable too... I made it white with a kind of brindle spots...
still no pics.. I downloaded the picasa stuff... but it won't open for me.. says I need some MMX processor!?!? aarrggg... will have to look some more... I sure would love to show off my pics..


Saturday, August 07, 2004


we went to ball ( again) last weekend... and the petting zoo lady had baby hamsters... I've always wanted a hamster... and mom and dad would never let me get one when I lived with them... SO needless to say we are now the proud owners of 2 baby hamsters!!! they are Cambells dwarf.. both a grey tan color with a grey stripe down they're back... they're about 4 weeks old now... and SO sweet... how can you not love hamsters?? they're awsome... the down side is that they only live aprox. 2 yrs... bummer... still trying to figure out the whole picture thing... so please bare with me till then... later gator

Pottie Peekers

Hey.... I found the cutest pattern in a old mag...a pottie peeker... for storing TP... it comes out of the top of the hat and is dog shape.... all I need to finish is 3 legs... I really must get some pic for you to see!! Other than that I really haven't been hooking much?!?! bummer... I'm on holidays so I might get motivated soon... I also won soe patterns on eBay.. woo hoo!! they are for rag dolls and tea cups, and the other for potpourri angels.... I can't wait to get them... they are SO cute!!