Saturday, August 28, 2004

ripple granny

ripple granny
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I had started a blanket for dad for x-mas during ball season...
and well it didn't get to far.. it was a ripple.. and made with sc.... so I frogged it.. and started a granny square afghan.... and while talking to a friend she mentioned that a friend of hers had a pattern for a granny ripple.... THANKS SO MUCH!!! I just love this pattern... I've been only wokring on it for a bit now and I have quite a bit done!! I might actually finish this afghan... ( generally I don't finish projects that take too long)
So I must teach my hubby to crochet... the plant that he works at is going on strike on monday... Not to happy about that :~( so I figure when he's not on the picket line he might as well be doing something constructive, like crocheting.... lol... like that will ever happen... but I can dream....
SO I might now be online much... or not at all... we'll see how long things go... I might have to get rid of my net?!?! But will let you know...
Later Gator


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