Tuesday, November 23, 2004

knitting... crocheting

maybe I'm just slow or don't look at websites very well.. but crochet pattern central... has a sister site... Knitting pattern central!!

well that just blows me away... lol


4 more days!!!

There's a craft show in town on the 27th... a friend and myself are going in it with all of our crochet "things".. been working like a bugger to get ready... on the weekend I made 3 Posh Ponchos one is blue ( which I got for my b-day) with 3 little flowers by the shoulder, one is a pink/grey varigated, with a big flower at the shoulder... and the last one is white with eyelash yarn around the neck line... by far it's the best I think ;~)... I never did get anymore dolls done... but I did finish a cute clown I had started about a yr ago.. Yeah ME... lol..

As for xmas presents I have just about nothing done... (been working on this show)
what I do have done is a eyelash scarf for my mom, and I started knitting a hat to match but with only eyelash as a trim.... I have plans to make some sockyarn gloves for her too.. they're easy and fast so I think It'll happen.....
The blanket for my dad is still at the same stage it was the last time I wrote about it... I think if I put everything else away except for x-mas stuff after this show I might be able to get some things done!! The girls really loved the poncho's, so thats what I'm going to make them... and one for my SIL also... and for my brother?!?!? yup you got it I'm not to sure.... he does wear ties to work... so maybe crochet him a neck tie??? Hmmmmm... not to sure if he'd wear it... lol...
and for Albert... maybe a bright orange hunting hat?? yep probally.

It started snowing here today... I think winter is here to stay this time.. it's quite the change from +8c weather we had here last week!! Had to tear the house apart to find all the kids snow stuff... DJ 's jacket is getting to small... so I looked for one of my old ones... and I found one I had in gr 11 or 12... and IT FITS HER!!! it's a bit long in the sleeves.. but it's perfect, hopefully it'll last for a few yrs... and she think's it's COOL.;~)

Albert started working days.... getting up at 5 in the morning is taking a turn on him... he's just about sleeping at supper... ( he's been working nights since Naiomi was little... so 6 yrs) He has 10 days to try out this new shift and if he doesn't like it can go back to nights again... so we'll see what happens.

toodles for now


Monday, November 15, 2004

It's A BOY!!!

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and the only boy I'll even have... lol

finished him tonight.... he even has sneakers, and cargo pants... now I still have time to make one more at least!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

She's done, she's done, she's dooonnneeeee!!!

redhead funky tot done
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she's sporting a brand new varigated shirt, pretty little skirt with a heart on the bib, also some pretty pink Mary Jane shoes....

now the question is......


I don't know either??



Tuesday, November 09, 2004

my newest baby

redhead funky tot
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I've been working on her since sunday... got the pattern from the newest crochet world mag... she WAS supposed to be a angel... but with no wings?? then her hair.....

well thats something else all together... it had her hair just sewn on in the front and some curly Q's for the back.. which is very cute for a angel... and I'm not a big fan of curly Q's in the first place.. so I decided to tie 500 knots for her hair.... yep I was really reconsidering doing the q's by the time I got to the end... it took about 4 hrs to do the hair.. butI do think it turned out pretty well..( if I do say so my self....
all she needs now are some clothes....
I was planning on making her for the craft show... but now I might just have to keep her for me!! :~)

oh and

there was a 82% vote to go back to work... they start on monday... it's about time!!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Howdie Doodie

crochet xmas bulbs
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hey all... been a couple days...
things have been good... even planning on moving some stuff back home today, and be all the way back by the weekend!! It's been nice to be able to crash at mom's, thru this whole thing... but it's going to be so nice to be home too!
I've been tring to get ready for this craft show coming up... been making snowflakes, granny stockings ( for the tree) and was trying to think of what else to make, then remembered those big ole light bulbs... you know the kind where you put to many on one side of the tree, you tree falls over?? ok well not quite that bad but close... lol
anyway I came up with these ones... can make 2 a hour, I have the pattern on the hooker site, will have to add the link to here some day.. but if you like just follow one of the others
Other than that my life is pretty boring...
Albert is still on strike and there seems to be no end in site.. so X-mas isn't going to be to wonderful... not money wise but in happiness... with the strike going on farther and farther, it just keeps bringing people further down.

well I'm off like the leaves in fall...
Have a great one!!