Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Throw a ghan - hhhmmmmmm

Worked on the afghan again yesterday and now it's about the size of a small throw...

it's getting there, slowly but surely... I'd imagine he'd just keep it on the couch anyways so it should be big enough for that.

ONLY 17 more sleeps till Santa comes!!

My boss said today she needed some new gloves for X-mas... so guess what she's getting from me??

you betcha... NEW gloves.... I'm thinking sock yarn gloves... black with some eyelash trim... Oh yeah Baby.... she'll be styling!!

Got a e-mail from Kim at Crochet me... and well the next issue sounds AWSOME!!
Can't wait till it comes out!!


We finished making 2 batches of Deer jerky the other day.. one orginal and the other honey garlic..... Y-U-M-M-Y!! Albert is planing on making more this weekend... it's a good thing we can freeze it...we have enough for the moment... men... they're crazy...

Well kids it's bed time...

get your jammies on,

brush your teeth

and get your butts to bed.

Remember Santas Watching You!!


Blogger Katt said...

Santa is a kinky little devil then isnt he?
How ya doing hun?

6:32 AM  

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