Sunday, December 05, 2004

Peppermint Peekers

arm warmers
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my lastest creation... ta da....
Peppermint Peekers!!

The girl ( the same one who wanted the bert and ernie mitts... hey Jana!) asked me to make these... with no pattern I of course made up my own... now both of my girls want some too!!

Another lady at work loved the bert and ernie mitts too.. and ordered some.. but just black... boring?!?! yup... but what can you do?? so I have one made and will start the next one sometime today.

my hubby is in town picking up some ingredients to make some jerky... we have 2 dehydraters from our moms and will set it up this afternoon before they go to the hockey game.... this is our first time making jerky... so I hope it turns out ok....
we found loads of recipies online butwe're just going to start out with plain ole jerky to start with..



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