Tuesday, November 09, 2004

my newest baby

redhead funky tot
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I've been working on her since sunday... got the pattern from the newest crochet world mag... she WAS supposed to be a angel... but with no wings?? then her hair.....

well thats something else all together... it had her hair just sewn on in the front and some curly Q's for the back.. which is very cute for a angel... and I'm not a big fan of curly Q's in the first place.. so I decided to tie 500 knots for her hair.... yep I was really reconsidering doing the q's by the time I got to the end... it took about 4 hrs to do the hair.. butI do think it turned out pretty well..( if I do say so my self....
all she needs now are some clothes....
I was planning on making her for the craft show... but now I might just have to keep her for me!! :~)

oh and

there was a 82% vote to go back to work... they start on monday... it's about time!!!


Blogger Katt said...

I LOVE that doll!! She is sooooo cute! Also glad to hear that the strike is over.


11:11 PM  

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