Friday, September 10, 2004

In the WORKS!!

sock yarn glove1
Originally uploaded by DandyLion1974.
on the way home yesterday I started on the pattern for the sock yarn gloves!! woo hoo... I worked until it got dark and after I frogged it twice I think I have it.... Just have to finish the fingers and thumb and thats it!!
I can't believe it's working out how I pictured it in my head??!!??
usually doesn't happen like that.. lol..


Blogger Katt said...

Hey they are so great! I LOVE that yarn! Very funky!

Ok going to sound stupid..but what is this BLO that you hate?


4:57 AM  
Blogger Jennifa said...

That's really great! I hope you end up posting the pattern, too, as I have some sock yarn that would make GREAT

I know what you mean though...most of my sock yarn purchases are pretty weird, where as my socks tend to be pretty

9:47 AM  

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