Wednesday, September 08, 2004


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ok I finished the sock last night but was to dark to take a decent pic..... and to spite the fact I hate doing BLO, I really like how the sock turns out!!
Next pair tho I'll have to add a few more rows before I do the chain to start on the foot part.. it seems just a bit to short for my likings in that department, but YEP, I like 'em!! and thats the best part!

Now I just have to get to wally to pick up some more funky sock yarn...

I'll have the best and coolest in town.. lol...

you know if I just go to buy socks in the store.. I ALWAYS get the big bag of plain ole white socks... but with making my own... the funkier the better?? go figure ;~S

I'll make the other sock prob sometime today... can't just wear just one??
and the pattern for these gave me an idea for mittens (or gloves) with sock yarn... how cool would those be... matching socks and gloves??


Ooooo maybe a matching hat and scarf... leg warmers...

Oh the possibilities!!



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