Tuesday, July 27, 2004

been hookin and knitting

here's the pattern of the wrist pincushion I made:

#10 crochet cotton ( main color and contrast color)1.75mm hookenough 1/8th" elastic to go around your wrist comfortablyneedle and thread, a small amount stuffingpop bottle caphot glue
row1 - with MC, ch3, 8 hdc in first ch, join in 1st hdc, ch1
row 2 - 2 hdc in each hdc, join in 1st hdc,ch1 ,
Row 3 - *1hdc in hdc, 2 hdc in next *  around, join in 1st hdc, ch1
row 4 - * hdc in 2 hdc, 2 hdc in next* around, join in 1st hdc, ch1
row 5 - in BLO, hdc in each hdc, join to 1st hdc, ch1
row 6 - in both loops, hdc in each hdc around join, ch1
row 7 - repeat row 6
row 8 - repeat row 5, but ch2
ok, now stuff the bottle cap firmly, and put it inside your cuplooking thing..lol...with the open part of the bottle cap towards the bottom of the cup.
row 9 - dc in every second hdc, join in 1st dc, fasten off leaving enough thread to weave thru the dc and putt tight.secure with knot, tuck in ends.
With CC attach thread to any free st from row 5.
petal, *ch4, trc in same, 2 trc in next, trc in next( leaving the last loop from the trc's on hook, YO, pull thru all 5 loops on hook) ch4, slst in same, slst in next st* repeat around, making 11 petals, fasten off, tuck in ends.
now with your elastic, measure it around your wrist, cut, and sew the ends together making a loop.
now with the CC sc around the elastic loop, scing close together to totally cover elastic, join to first sc, fasten off tuck in ends,
hot glue (or sew) pincushion to elastic
July 25/04

 hope you will try it and let me know how it turns out!!
I also made a cozie from www.knitty.com  just something to keep condoms... the kids think it's for change... lol...might have to buy little zippers for some for the kids.. they can take some to school for milk money..;~)
it was crazy at work today... but also made not to bad in tips for a little town, just about $6.. woo hoo... it's in my " working my way to Taz to see Kate fund" one day I'm sure I'll make it there!!

time to make supper for the critters...


Blogger Suzi said...

And I thought I was the only one who made those cozies off of knitty! I should probably introduce myself, I'm a friend of Kate's. Just in case you were wondering why some complete stranger was enthusastic about your cosies.

12:48 AM  

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